Why is ECD important at Masibulele?

“Enabling young children to achieve their full developmental potential is a human right and an essential requisite for sustainable development.”

What is ECD?

Early Childhood Development (ECD) refers to the physical, psychological, cognitive, and social development of children between birth and school-going age. These early years are said to directly affect and contribute to the future success of an individual.

Our School

Masibulele Educare is an ECD centre in Khayelitsha that focuses on children between the ages of 0 and 6-years-old. We provide a safe space and two square meals a day as well as an age-specific ECD curriculum. This ensures our children have what they need to grow and develop at a suitable pace from a young age, ultimately providing a foundation for a successful life. 

Meet our Principal 

“My name is Nwabisa, I am the Principle of Masibulele Educare Centre. We’ve worked hard to get where we are today but because of COVID-19, things have changed. I am no longer able to provide for my staff or the children. But, with your help, that could change. Please consider donating to support our Masibulele family – we are one.”

Thanks to our Partners