In the past 25 years we have grown from a small shack with 3 kids, to a new building with 100 happy children, eager to learn. With your help we could grow even more.

How we built a school from donations

Do you believe that we cross paths with certain people for certain reasons? I do. 

My name is Olivia, I live in Cape Town. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to give back to this crazy and beautiful world.

A few years ago I met Nwabisa – the principal of Masibulele Educare, in a local park. We sat down and she told me her story. 


Masibulele Educare Centre has been open since 1995, starting with just three children. In 2016 Masibulele was nothing more than 100 children in a double-story shack. I realised even if they had educational materials, they didn’t have a safe space to learn.

We then set out to rebuild the broken building. After two years we found the funding we needed, and seven months later it was complete. 

This was a massive victory for Masibulele Educare, as well as for Nwabisa, the students, and the community. What was once a school made of corrugated iron, wood, and broken glass, was now a proper building that had the facilities needed to effectively teach these young children. 

We are thankful for all the help we’ve received, near and far, small and big. We hope that you help again so we can do more for these kids and our community. 

See the full story of the Let’s Build Masibulele website below.
Let’s Build Masibulele

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