Why donate?

At Masibulele we provide each child in our care with two cooked meals a day, which is often all they eat. Now, due to COVID-19, the Centre is closed and these children are simply not eating enough. As Masibulele is not collecting school fees, our staff are not being paid either.

Where does your money go? 

With your support, we can keep all the little ones at Masibulele fed and our staff paid. In turn, our staff can purchase basic necessities and feed their families too. This will keep our school in good health until it reopens.

How have we used previous donations?

In partnership with the NPO, Uthando, we collected R1.5 million in donations between 2016 and 2018. With this we rebuilt Masibulele Educare from the ground up, turning it into a safer space for the children in our care.

Meet our Principal 

I’m Nwabisa, the Principal of Masibulele Educare Centre. We’ve worked hard to get where we are today. But, with COVID-19 a reality, working hard is just not enough. We are no longer able to provide for the staff or the children. Your help could change that. Please consider donating to support our Masibulele family – we are one.

Your company could help make a big difference.

Do you own a business? Get involved as a CSR initiative and make a difference today.

Thanks to our Partners