The Future of Masibulele Educare Centre.

Our Goal

It is our dream to transform Masibulele Educare Centre into a sustainable business and environment in which we are self-sufficient and no longer depend on external funding (or hand-outs).

How we will achieve this goal:
• Build a sustainable environment.
• Improve health & wellness programmes.
• A staff development programme.

Going Green

Our aim is to take Masibulele Educare Centre off-grid to alleviate our economic strain and to improve our environmental practices. In time this can be achieved by securing green initiatives like a JoJo Tank, solar panels and a vegetable garden. This will improve our green knowledge through environmental programmes.

Staff Development

Our staff development programme ensures that continuous learning takes place for all.

Educational course we would like to invest in:

• Financial literacy course.
• Computer literacy.
• First Aid training for all staff members.

Health and Wellness

Even though our centre is situated in Khayelitsha, we try to immerse our children in nature when ever we can.

Our health and wellness programme includes:

• Growing a veggie garden.
• Extra-curricular activities and outings like nature walks and sports programmes.